What you didn’t know happens at the Western Wall

by Leah Rosenberg

The Western Wall stones must be preserved so that they are not damaged over time. How are these precious stones taken care of?

Western Wall Maintenance

What does it take to ensure the Western Wall stones are conserved and not damaged? Did you even realize how much went into making sure these ancient stones survive? The Western Wall, or the Kotel in Hebrew, has stood for thousands of years. Although it is not the holiest site in Judaism, it is still a holy place to pray. What is behind it is the holiest site – the Temple Mount. That is where the third and final Temple will Gd willing stand again one day soon. The Kotel is where Jews and people from all over the world come to pray. It is a place of millions of prayers. It is a place where many people connect to G-d. People connect to the past with these stones.

It is definitely an important site, and therefore, it is extremely important what the Western Wall Heritage Foundation engineers and Israel Antiquities Authority conservators do for the stones. One of the conservators of the Israel Antiquities Authority said, “It is a tremendous privilege to take care of the Kotel, to safeguard it, to make sure it stands for generations to come.” It is a remnant of the second Temple period. Although it was not part of the Temple itself, it is extremely important and holy. And that means the job to upkeep this site is extremely important as well.

You can find more information about the process of preserving the stones under the YouTube video.

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