Biden’s transgender nominee couldn’t answer Rand Paul’s simple question

by Phil Schneider

Should young children and even young teenagers be empowered to make decisions about whether or not they want to be a woman or a man? Well, in the new world of radical leftists, the answer is yes. There is a growing group of people, who now are in power in the United States, who support the right of children to decide these kinds of life-altering decisions.

Has the world gone mad? Any sane person today should be thinking these things when Dr. Rachel Levine, the nominee who now serves in the Biden administration is making major national health decisions for the United States. Watch as she neatly evades basic questions like those that Senator Rand Paul asked her.

There are legitimate sensitive health questions that have major ethical ramifications. Should abortion be legal? If so, at what stage in a pregnancy? If not, what about the situation when a pregnant woman’s life is at risk. These are the kinds of things that should be dealt with. But in today’s climate, the supreme issues are the feelings of transgenders in public places. Women’s sports competitions are now invaded by transgender men who will have a far better chance on the women’s side. Children raised in homes without a mother and a father, but by two mothers or two fathers or two transgenders, will not become normative people with normative family lives. But, this is not politically correct today. We need to be sensitive to the feelings of any choices people make – no matter how absurd their actions may be. We need a return to normalcy.

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