“Palestinian” TV host makes disturbing Holocaust comment

by Avi Abelow

Are these the people that the world expects Israel to make peace with? This PA TV host made a punishable comment about the Holocaust.

PA TV Host says Jews Deserved the Holocaust

What a terrible and horrific thing to say. This PA TV host says that the Jews were being repaid for their “wickedness” and that is why the Holocaust happened. He claims that the Jewish people wanting to live peacefully in the Jewish homeland is wicked and deserves the murder of 6 million innocent Jewish men, women, and children.

Clearly the “Palestinian” Authority does not want peace. And this is how they educate their people. This is the type of content they broadcast on their official TV programs.

You don’t have to be the most moral person in the world to know how wrong this is.

How can the world possibly side with such an ideology? How can the world possibly side with a people that is so evil and destructive? Things are so twisted and backwards. Who in their right mind can support the murder of millions and millions of innocent people? The “Palestinian” Authority and all those who support them. What a frightening belief system to live by.

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