Is Benny Gantz Planning a Coup Against PM Bennett?

by Micha Gefen

Benney Gantz, Israel’s Defense Minister and the man who was almost Prime Minister is said to be undercutting PM Naftali Bennett – especially when it comes to deal with the Palestinian Authority.

Benny Gantz’s meeting with PA leader Mahmoud Abbas this week not only created a stir in Israel’s political ecosystem, but it has broken down the basic trust in Israel’s government.

Bennett has always had a hard time managing the disparate points of view in his coalition. Most Israeli’s see that this sort of coalition never made sense to being with. Now we are seeing it play out in front o us.

Not only did Bennty Gantz meet Abbas, but signed an agreement and procured a loan for the PA. Just like that ia ppears Gantz is clearly establishing himself as the real power broker in the government.

Will male Bennet make a counter move back? Hard to know. Right about now Bib looks like a shoe in for the prize.

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