Palestinian Arab Berates Hamas While Defending Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

When a Palestinian Arab is the one standing up for Israel, you would hope the world would listen. They really should.

Palestinian Arab Defends Israel

No, Hamas is not an organization that defends Palestinian Arabs. They are not an oranization that tries to make life better for those living in Gaza, nor do they care about any Palestinian Arab that lives in Israel. But the world thinks they do. The world thinks there can be a government in Gaza run by Hamas. They pour money into Gaza, and as Bassem Eid said in this video, the money goes straight to terrorism. No educational institutions are built. No hospitals. Just terror tunnels. And extra fancy houses for the terrorists.

If the world really cared about improving the lives of Palestinian Arabs in Gaza, they would be on Israel’s side, not on Hamas’ side.

What is so crazy is that there are young college students who support Hamas over Israel. There are AMERICAN politicians who support Hamas over Israel (Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib etc.). And here you have a PALESTINIAN ARAB who is going off on those ignorant people.

Who should you trust? Woke college students who have no idea what Hamas stands for? Or an Arab who knows the situation in Gaza and Israel and is defending Israel? Sadly, many are just listening to those who are ignorant. More people need to watch videos like this one to get the full perspective and understand the truth. At the end of this all, the truth will prevail. And you’ll want to be standing with it.

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