The United Nations is about to Make a Decision that Will Change the World Forever

by Phil Schneider

Will World Heritage sites around the world be safeguarded by a UN agency that includes the Taliban? That is such a surreal thought, but it is about to become a reality. Iran and Afghanistan are now in the hands of radical Islamists, and they have seats in the UN!

What kind of people blow up statues that have existed for 1,500 years? What kind of people destroy statues that have existed for even 50 years? The answer is that people who want to destroy other cultures destroy the statues of those cultures. That is what the Taliban do in order to destroy other religions. And, yes, that is what Black Lives Matter radicals do when they want to destroy icons of the United States – like Christopher Columbus.

It must be said loud and clear. Freedom is under attack in this world by radical Islam and anti-Western socialists. They actually do not agree about nearly anything, but they have a common enemy – the West. And they all want to live under totalitarian rule. And the key to defeating this is to realize that we are indeed under attack and the stakes are great. It is not just the statues. It is much more than that.

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