SICK! Gazans Give out Candies to Celebrate Murder of IDF Soldier at Border

by Leah Rosenberg

What a barbaric, sick culture. IDF soldier Barel Shmueli was murdered at the Gaza border. And this is what the Gazans do.

Gazans Disgustingly Celebrate IDF Soldier Killed at Gaza Border

There are no words for a culture like this. Brutal, sickening, cruel. These words can’t even fully describe their barbarism. IDF soldier Barel Shmueli was defending his people and his country at the Gaza border. A Gaza terrorist shot him through a whole in the security fence, right in Barel’s head. Tragically, Barel ended up dying from his wounds. The family is broken. The people of Israel are broken. How could this have happened? Another precious, innocent soldier taken far too soon.

And then the Gazans celebrate. They pass out candy. They celebrate the spilling of innocent Jewish blood. And then the world looks on and blames Israel? The world claims ISRAEL is the aggressor? How can this be?

An innocent soldier has been killed. Gazans are celebrating the death and murder of that precious Israeli. The world expects Israel to make peace with this culture of death and hate.

Do you see the problem?

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