Take a look at Israel from a perspective you have never seen

by Chaya Cikk

Such a fascinating perspective. Take a look at Israel through the eyes of this man. He shows you Israel as you’ve never seen it before. Absolutely amazing to see from this height. So breathtaking.

Take A Look At Israel

Israel is an absolutely breathtaking country. There are so many viewpoints across the country where you can see so many wonderful things. Israel is a country that has so much to offer. It is also a country that has some great national parks, beaches, skyscrapers, historical sights and so much more.

From the desert in the south to the green mountains in the north, from the dead sea to the Mediterranean beaches. There is so much to see. There is so much you can learn from seeing things.

Thanks to the media Israel doesn’t get the media coverage it deserves. You don’t see the beautiful sights, the beaches, the desert, and so much more. You see on the media the hate and the fighting. You hear about the BDS Movement. A few things you don’t see is all the good Israel is doing in the world and all the beautiful sights it offers to the tourists.

But this video is different. It shows you Israel as you’ve never seen it before. Remember that Israel is a country full of beaches, happy and hospitable people, filled with greenery, the mountains in the desert, the ancient buildings in Jerusalem and much more.

Finally, this is an absolutely amazing perspective of Israel. It is wonderful to see Israel from the rooftops above. Israel is truly a magnificent place. Don’t believe all you see in the media. Come visit Israel and see these sights for yourself. Oh and remember don’t try doing this at home! Let the professionals jump from the rooftops, you just enjoy the view.

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