Terrorists and ex-jihadis give a terrifying inside look at the world of extremism

by Leah Rosenberg

THIS is extremism. THIS is incitement. It is beyond frightening to hear the way radicals have created an ecosystem of violence.

The World of Incitement

In the world of extremism, incitement has become the system. Radicals are able to brainwash Muslims into believing the most horrific set of beliefs. Murder is accepted. Violence becomes moral. Everything is upside down.

There are those who wake up and realize that they are living in the wrong world; that they do not want their children to grow up killing in the name of religion. And because they were once living on the inside, they can potentially help stop this incitement and violence – now from the outside.

Innocent Children Are Brainwashed

It is terrifying when you see young children being taught to blow people up and ACTUALLY do it! It is terrifying when you hear the way they speak about “the infidels.” Somehow, the system amongst radical Muslims is compelling. They somehow get children to believe that murder and violence are what God wants. The propaganda will give you the chills. The culture is full of hate. A former Jihadi wife said, “They’re being fed a narrative that there is no diplomatic solution, and war is the only way.”

Children are like sponges. They really soak in everything you teach them. And when radical Muslims train them to kill and hate, that is what they believe they have to do in this world. Only a lucky few are sane and brave enough to escape the barbarism.

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