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Family faces shocking antisemitism, but Leftists blame the wrong group


Is the biggest issue really white supremacy? According to the Left, you would think so. But is that who really commits most of the hate crimes?

Was it White Supremacy?

About a month ago, an antisemite assaulted a Jewish family in St. Albans, UK. Of course, there are those who wanted to blame it on white supremacy. After all, that is the issue that many people think is one of the most important issues to deal with today! And yes, it is important. Hatred on ANY side of the political spectrum should be condemned and stopped. But not every hate crime is perpetrated by a white supremacist. And ignoring that reality will only harm us.

Who really assaulted this Jewish family? Who really was the aggressor? Avi Yemini has the answer.

An Arab, not a White Supremacist

Adam Cassidy, the 19 year old who decided to harass the Jewish family, is in fact NOT a white supremacist. What is he? None other than an Arab. He has only lived in the UK for 5 years. Cassidy is from Egypt!

As Yemini explains, Cassidy is from a culture who has a 1400 year old hatred toward the Jewish people. Bringing in cultures that are imbued with hatred will only cause the Western world to be filled with more hatred as well. No one is denying the fact that white supremacy exists. It does, and it must be obliterated. But let’s get the facts straight and know where the hate crimes are coming from. It is not always white supremacy!