Syrian refugee brings baby to Israel for emergency heart surgery

by Leah Rosenberg

Can you imagine? Do you hear this headline? A Syrian refugee going into Israel to have Israeli doctors save his baby? The world needs to know.

Syrian Refugee Ignores Politics

Syrian Refugee Ahmad did something that the anti-Israel activists don’t want you to know about. He trusted Israeli doctors with his baby. He happily went to Israel to have his baby saved because politics don’t matter to him, and his baby does.

His story is unique, but also not unique. Why? Because Israel does this more often than the anti-Israel media wants you to know about.

Israel Cares

Israel goes out of its way to save and help people who are not Jewish or Israeli citizens. People from enemy territory even turn to Israel for help. As Ahmad said in the video, there were people of all religions and places being treated by the Israeli doctors.

If you want the truth, this is it: Israel cares. Israel is kind and compassionate. Why don’t stories like Ahmad’s make the headlines on CNN or MSNBC? Why don’t they tell you about the Gazans who come to Israel to be treated? And the Syrians?

The Jewish people are a light unto the nations. It is in their genes to help. Walk into an Israeli hospital and see the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish doctors working side by side. Walk into a restaurant and see the waiters and customers of all different backgrounds respecting each other. If you want the truth, come see it for yourself.

Motivation for Terror
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