Avi Yemini exposes lying “Palestinian” activist on camera

by Leah Rosenberg

Being a “Palestinian” activist by definition means lying and spreading lies. Because the truth and the facts just do not support their narrative.

The Lying “Palestinian” Activist

Well, really, Issa Amro is not the only lying “Palestinian” activist. They all lie. That is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact. And Avi Yemini proved that in this video. When Yemini had interviewed Amro originally, he made up an entire story about the evil Israeli aggressors stopping him from seeing his friend. And in this video, it was caught on camera that his lie was just that – a lie.

These activists try to demonize Israel, but Israel is a moral and democratic country. The scary part is that so many people believe the lying activists. So many claim Israel is an oppressive state. Even the United Nations does, as the Jewish people have seen all too often.

A World of Truth

The world is filled with truth. And it is scary that people cover up the truth to share the lies. It is scary that many human beings, who G-d gave brains to, would rather live in a world of lies than a world of truth if it means having their agenda supported.

It seems to be the theme of the world right now, sadly. Not only in relation to Israel, but many things seem to be upside down. People are wreaking havoc in America. They claim it is the name of justice, but there is nothing just about knocking down statues, being violent, and even murdering.

Muslim extremists are killing “infidels” based on complete lies that they believe to be the truth.

And the list goes on and on.

Let’s all do our part to spread a little more truth in this complicated world.

Motivation for Terror
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