The Ever-evolving Fraudulent Palestinian Narrative

by Uri Pilichowski

Guilty of imperialism and shamed of their colonialism, the world turns extra-sensitive to those claiming victimhood. This is how Palestinian Arabs can continuously fabricate history. Welcome to the birth of the palestinian narrative.

The Palestinian Narrative

The first fabrication was Arabs living in Israel (then called Palestine), who claimed to be their own nation. The world went along with the lie. Although obviously false, the world couldn’t stomach being honest to those they colonized after WWI.

The second lie was when Palestinian Arabs claimed that Israel was oppressing them. The world bought their lies, even accepting the dastardly Arab charge of genocide. A simple tour of Israeli controlled Arab villages shows this lie. But again, the world didn’t stand up for truth.

The world is now accepting Rashida Tlaib’s bald-faced lie that Palestinian Arabs helped Jews escape the Holocaust. A superficial look at the history of Nazi-Arab relations shows that Arabs living in Palestine aggressively supported the Nazi’s evil plans.

It is time the world stands up to Palestinian Arab lies. The world’s acceptance of false victimhood has allowed Palestinian Arabs to escape responsibility for their future and Israel to be unjustifiably demonized. It must end.

Addendum: Biased people reading this will automatically reject my words. Truth isn’t in in vogue, especially when it contradicts an accepted narrative. Some will call me racist. I believe Palestinian Arabs should have equal rights in greater Israel. But truth is truth.

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