Are the Democrats trying to remove God from America?

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, it has come to this. This is such a sad episode to watch. It looks as if some leading Democrats are trying to remove God from the US Congress and America at large.

What has the US Congress Become?

The amount of hatred and antisemitism that has been exhibited lately in Congress has been mind-blowing. And the fact that the Democrats have trouble condemning the rampant antisemitism makes it even worse.

Why won’t they call Ilhan Omar by name in a resolution condemning antisemitism? Why won’t they even CALL it antisemitism specifically? There are so many unanswered question when it comes to the far Left. And now, there are even more questions.

Removing God

Are the Democrats now trying to remove God from America? The country was built upon Judeo-Christian values. The founding fathers instituted certain things based on that. How can anyone try to remove our values? You can see in this video how during Congressional proceedings when swearing in witnesses, they removed the phrase “So help me God.” Are they seriously trying to delete God from our lives? What happened to “One nation, under God?” They no longer believe we are “under God?”

It is as if we are witnessing the eroding of the Judeo-Christian fabric of American. This isn’t good for G-d fearing people or for any person. Correct, America has a separation of Church and State. But taking G-d out of America is bad for everybody. If we aren’t holding on to our own values, how can we expect anyone else to?

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