Surfside Mayor Moved by Young Girl Reciting Prayer for Parent at Condo Collapse Site

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s just what Jews do. When things are good and when things are challenging, Jews pray. And the Surfside Mayor got a glimpse at it.

Surfside Mayor Shares Heartbreaking Story

The entire tragedy of the Surfside tower collapse is painful. Too many loved ones still missing. Too many deaths. Too many families torn apart. Each story is painful to listen to. The story that the Surfside Mayor, Charles Burkett, shares in this video is painful and yet inspiring at the same time.

It’s heartbreaking to hear of a young girl praying at the spot that she thinks her parent is buried under the destruction. Yet, it is unbelievable that her response is to pray. She may be having tens of other responses as well – anger, sadness, confusion, fear. But she is also praying. She is turning to G-d in her time of need; in her family’s time of need. It takes a lot of faith to turn to prayer; to let go and realize we are not in control. Even the greatest people of all time had questions and tried to change G-d’s “mind” through prayer. Moses prayed to G-d to let Him into the Land of Israel even though G-d said no. It is okay to challenge a situation that G-d has placed before us and to turn to Him.

King David, the author of most of the Book of Pslams, turned to G-d in every situation. He turned to G-d to praise Him, but also to ask Him for help. He sometimes turned to G-d with a raw and broken heart. There are questions, and that’s allowed. But sometimes, the questions aren’t answered in this world. We cannot understand G-d’s ways.

May the words of King David and the awareness of G-d’s control bring comfort to those suffering from this tragedy.

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