The Biden Administration is Spying on Tucker Carlson…Scary Implications

by Phil Schneider

Is the United States government spying on journalists that they are scared of? Is the freedom of press becoming something that is becoming the norm? No. It is the norm. This is the new world order that we live in today wherein the radical left has been placed in key positions throughout the United States government. By whom? Not Joe Biden. He just signs the appointments. It’s probably Barack Obama, Susan Rice, and other former Obama officials who are now experienced and know exactly where they need the key people in power in order to push their radical socialist oriented agenda.

It is not mere speculation to say that Barack Obama wants to transform the United States of America. Those are his exact words. When he declared that he wants his Presidency to be one that transforms America, he meant it. Words matter, and especially when they are the words of the leader of the free world. Obama is a young man, not yet even sixty years old. His political career is far from over, even if he won’t sit in the Oval Office any longer. He has it better now. He can run the country and much of the world in sweat pants and not have to deal with annoying journalists.

And if Joe Biden ever steps out of order, the pro-Obama machine can start ratcheting up the same messages that Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson have been saying for years – Biden is losing it. Then the United States leadership will go from horrible to even worse. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have made it clear that they consult with Barack Obama all of the time. This is actually a wise move on their part. But it is also the reason that this present administration is so very dangerous. The solution must be in the mid-term elections in 2022. The key to stopping the downward spiral is to regain control of Congress. Otherwise, the radical socialist agenda of Bernie Sanders will become more and more the norm in a polarized and crime filled United States of America.

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