NGO Spotlights Turkey’s Occupation of Arab Territory During UN Anti-Israel Debate

by Leah Rosenberg

Why hasn’t the UN changed? Why is it the norm that an anti-Israel debate takes over every meeting and every emergency session?

The Constant Anti-Israel Debate at the UN

This video may be from June 2020, but there is a reason it was posted again. It is all too relevant still. The United Nations is supposed to be a body that upholds international law. It is supposed to protect human rights and prevent another World War from happening. But instead, they use every opportunity they can to demonize Israel. The famous anti-Israel debate happens too often.

And especially now, after another escalation because of Hamas’ 4,000 plus rockets, Israel is being targeted everywhere. The entire world is claiming Israel reacted disproportionally. That is absolutely insane! No other country would tolerate even ONE rocket targeting its civilians! And Israel is expected to tolerate over 4,000? And for those organizations who actually care about Palestinian Arabs, they were also killed by Hamas rockets. Because Hamas does not care who is killed by their terrorism.

But the specific debate in this video was about “occupied Arab territories” in general. And of course, the UN only claimed Israel occupies land – which is obviously completely false being that Israel has belonged to the Jewish people for thousands of years. But then Hillel Neuer of the UN Watch came in and turned the tables. He reminded the world that TURKEY occupies Arab territory in Northern Syria.

Sadly, the UN still doesn’t care about the issues of the world. They only care about slamming Israel on false pretenses.

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