Stunning Discovery of the Exodus Story the Muslim World Might Destroy

by Leah Rosenberg

Where is Mt. Sinai?  Where is the place that the climax of the story of the Exodus took place?  Ryan Mauro’s stunning discovery is a mind-blowing discovery.  There is a tradition that Mount Sinai is in the Sinai desert.  But there is a different mountain that has a tradition that goes back even longer than the tradition that Mount Sinai is in the Sinai.

Best Kept Secret?

Could it be that for centuries the ancient tradition has actually been kept secret from most of the world?  Ryan Mauro says yes.  He even brings some opinions that the Saudi government kept the secret from the masses.  This is earth-shattering.  Even if only part of the thesis is true, it is fascinating to note that till today, we still don’t know where some of the Biblical stories occurred.

Where did the Sea Split?

The best part of this video for me was the part where Mauro brings a theory about the Red Crossing.  It will blow your mind.  It is amazing how many stories of the Exodus seem to fit with this theory of where the stories of the Exodus took place.  Even the locations of the Golden Calf are discovered by Mauro in this documentary.  But watch the entire documentary for even more surprises.

This is truly amazing.

The Saudi Interest

One would think that the Saudis would have good reason to publicize all of these potential tourist spots.  But the country of Saudi Arabia is not looking for Christians and Arabs to flock into their country.  There is no question that all of these discoveries could attract tens of millions of tourists every year.  Will Mauro bring a sea-change to the tourist map of the Middle East?   It probably depends on the Saudis.  If they open up the doors a bit, and decide to police their bedouin a bit, this will no doubt change the entire concept of what the world knows about the story of the Exodus in the Bible.


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