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Israel Floods Terror Tunnels with Cement. Stuns Hezbollah


Israel continues to destroy the attack tunnels from Lebanon. This time the IDF flooded the tunnel with cement, shocking and embarrassing the Hezbollah.

Last week the IDF destroyed the fifth attack tunnel dug from Lebanon. While the United Nations continues to refrain from taking any action or resolutions against Hezbollah or Lebanon, Israel continues to destroy these underground tunnels that posed a strategic threat, planned to be used as in a future war against Israel.


Hezbollah denied Israeli claims that they had dug a terror tunnel below the block factory in the Lebanese village of Kfar Kila. Hezbollah activists were shocked to see the factory flooded with cement, that the IDF flooded from the Israeli side of the terror tunnel. The cement was used to neutralize the tunnel. Not only did it neutralize the tunnel, it also overflowed into the entrance of the tunnel in the block factory, flooding the factory with the cement!