What America needs to know about border security can be learned from Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Should the United States learn about border security from Israel?  There are reasons to argue both ways.  President Trump says that the wall in Israel is 99% successful.  But, that is not such a simple argument.

Walls against Illegal Immigration, Walls against Terror

The wall on Israel’s southern border has indeed curbed illegal immigration from Africa into Israel.  However, what Israel faces in the heartland of Israel against the threat of Arab terrorists is totally different than the United States immigration issues.  So, it is probably true that what worked for Israel’s south will work for the south of the United States.

But, in truth, immigration policy in the United States is a completely different issue than what Israel deals with.  Should Israel allow in more terrorists?  Of course not.  Should the United States allow in more immigrants from Central America?  It may very well be advantageous for America to allow in most of the families that would like to immigrate.

The problem is weeding out the terrorists from the normative families.  This is not a new issue.  It has bee around for many decades in nearly every Western country.

This is not a problem that the wall will solve.  This goes back to policy implementation.  The main issue that Israel can perhaps help with is the emerging issue of homegrown terrorism.  This issue will probably continue to grow across America and Israel may have more experience on this than nearly any other country.


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