Staunch Liberal defends Conservatives attacked by the Left

by Leah Rosenberg

When a Liberal defends Conservatives, it is worth hearing why. He may not agree with everything they believe, but here’s why he defends them.

Liberal defends Conservatives

As Dave Rubin said in this video, he still considers himself a Liberal. But he definitely does not consider himself as part of the intolerant Left. They claim to be open and accepting, and then they literally beat up those who disagree with them. Although Rubin is a Liberal, he knows which side of the political spectrum really practices tolerance.

BLM and Antifa supporters have done damage to the American people and to the country itself. They are trying to unravel the fabric of American society while claiming that they are tolerant of others.

How can anyone possibly support such violent groups?


Rubin perfectly explains what tolerance means. The definition he gave, the examples – everything. It is a scary thought that a party that is so intolerant might come into office. What will happen to our freedoms?

The Left has slammed President Trump since before he even came into the Oval office. They showed him zero respect. They were and are still completely intolerant of him. And really, they have proven they are intolerant of what America is supposed to be. Especially with all of the voter fraud. If Americans want President Trump reelected, it is the epitome of intolerance to try to manipulate the elections so that your own candidate can win instead.

And of course, the mainstream media sets the example for intolerance at its best (or rather, worst).

America is all about tolerance. No one has the right to take that away. And yet, it seems that so many have. Let’s hope that no matter who ends up winning the election, that candidate will ensure that the values that America was built upon will never be taken from us.

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