Pompeo: “Appeasing terrorists cannot possibly be the right course of action”

by Phil Schneider

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has sat in the seat of Secretary of State over the last few years while the most momentous changes have occurred in the Middle East. Not only has Israel normalized their relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, the entire Middle East has shifted in a major way. Saudi Arabia has also shifted, despite the fact that it is not public as of yet.

Iran became the threat that they are due to know-how, money, and a radical Islamic ideology. The money came from Europe and the United States – under the leadership of President Barack Obama. The amount of money transferred via the United States to the Ayatollah regime is more than tens of billions of dollars. The ideology that is behind the Obama Presidency is one of appeasement towards foes like Iran. It is indeed no different than the ideology that Neville Chamberlain employed against the Nazi regime pre-World War II.

The two arguments against the analogy with Neville Chamberlain are the following: 1. How can you equate the Iranians to the Nazis? 2. Why not try appeasement in order to avoid the war? There would have been a war with the Nazis with or without appeasement?

Both arguments are wrong. The Iranians have made it crystal clear that they have every intention to destroy the State of Israel and all of it’s inhabitants. No less than that. With their proven history of killing hundreds of thousands in Syria and Lebanon, is there any reason to not believe them? Secondly, the argument that appeasement did not make anything worse is flat wrong. Not only did the appeasement of the Nazi regime whet their appetite to attack, it convinced the Nazi regime that England would do whatever they could do avoid the conflict. Meaning, if Germany attacked Poland, Germany would have less to be concerned about from England. Appeasement was not the only thing that led to the ferocity of World War II from Germany. It was also the collusion from the Soviet Union, who literally supplied Germany with much of their supplies in the early stages of the War. These supplies were then turned on the Soviet Union in the summer of 1941 when Germany then invaded the Soviet Union.

Let us not fool ourselves and think that any money that is sent to Iran will not be used to build missiles that will attack America. Mike Pompeo understands this. The Obamas and Bidens of the world have still not learned the lessons of World War II.

Motivation for Terror
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