The speech that put the United Nations to shame

by Leah Rosenberg

Listen to Professor Anne Bayefsky debate at the Oxford Union. Sharing the truth is sometimes so simple. The U.N. is failing, and she tells you why.

Oxford Union

The Oxford Union is “the world’s most prestigious debating society.” They have hosted very prominent figures. Read more about the Oxford Union here.

Professor Anne Bayefsky debated at the Oxford Union. She believes that the United Nations is a failing institution. Her arguments are perfect.

The U.N. is Failing

The U.N. is supposed to be helping the world, not hurting it. But they are so twisted. They criticize democracies like Israel and ignore violations of human rights and international law. The U.N. cannot even seem to condemn terrorist organizations like Hamas. Bayefsky points out many things that make the United Nations a failing institution. One obvious point she makes addresses an absurd aspect of the U.N. It is so absurd that it is almost laughable. Many of the member states are themselves violators of the worst human rights abuses in the world. They are terrorists. Dictators. Against democracies. They are against everything the U.N. is supposed to stand for!

It seems like the U.N. has failed. Even if you knew nothing of the U.N. aside from the fact that those who make up the institution are against its goals, that is reason enough to believe it has failed.

Western Media

And indeed, the media is the same. They do not criticize the evil in the world. Rather, they condemn the good! They have no issue attacking Israel for being a moral democracy. Every time the media puts out a headline and story about Israel, supporters of the Jewish state hope it will be different. Yet every time, it is the same. Headlines are one-sided, pro-“Palestinian,” and downright skewed. The media completely misrepresents Israel. And so does the U.N. In short, something needs to change!

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