Fatah Revolutionary Council member admits to supporting murder of Israelis

by Leah Rosenberg

Is Israel supposed to sit down and “talk” with people who support the murder of Israelis?  I don’t think so.  We need to defend ourselves against these kinds of people, not play nice with them.  They are terrorists with ties – like their leader Abbas.

There are many people who claim that Israel should strengthen the moderate voices among the Arabs.  They are right.  We should.  The problem is that they are a distinct minority and they are not growing.  Moreover, even those who are “moderate,” will almost never utter words like, “We recognize Israel” or “Israel has a right to exist.”

Instead, they say, “Ramallah is under siege” or other lines like “From the River to the Sea.”  They say stupidities like “They don’t recognize me as a human being.”  In a nutshell, they support the murder of Israelis.

Supporting Murder

A few months ago, an Arab man killed 2 Israelis at the Barkan Industrial Park in Samaria.  The Arab tied up the Jewish woman and shot her execution style.  Then he killed the Jewish man in the office where they worked together.  There were witnesses there – Jews and Arabs.  There were cameras that filmed the Arab running out of the building with a machine gun.  The entire State of Israel saw it

But this Arab liar – yes – that is what he is – a liar – has no problem claiming that there is no proof that the Arab is a terrorist.  The court hasn’t yet convicted him, etc…

Lying as an Effective Tactic

The standard party line of Arabs in Israel who argue against Israel is based on one big lie.  The lie is that Israel is on Arab Land.  This lie has supporters all over the world.  Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama believe this lie.  Even some Republicans – such as James Baker believe this.  But it is a fallacy at best and an outright lie at worst.

However, it is very effective to repeat a lie thousands of times.  After a while, the masses start to believe it.

The Lie

Why is it a lie?  In a nutshell, the Jews are the indigenous people to the Land of Israel.  They have always lived in the Land of Israel and never lost the eternal connection to the Land.  The Arabs who now live in the State of Israel largely came over the last 50-100 years in order to make more money than they could in Syria, Egypt, or Transjordan.

The Jewish claim to the Land of Israel is like the Indian claim and the American claim to the USA combined.  The Arab claim to the Land of Israel is like the Arab claim to Europe.  Yes, there are masses of Arabs in Europe.  That doesn’t make Europe Arab land.  The Arabs are simply newcomers.  In the Land of Israel, the Arabs are also newcomers.

There is absolutely no reason that England should hand the Arabs a chunk of England.  There is no reason that France should give the Arabs a corner of their country.  The United States will not allow the Cubans to have their own State in South Florida.  Israel is no different.


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