What God said about Jerusalem before Trump ever did

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the Jewish capital? Well, Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But did we really need him to? Is God’s word not enough?

America Recognizes the Jewish Capital

It was all over the news! Finally, after decades and decades, America recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Many presidents promised to officially do so, but they did not act. And now, in 2018, President Donald Trump followed through. Not only did he say it in words, but the president followed through in action and moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Israel was thankful. Israel supporters were ecstatic. It was a momentous time in history.

And of course, Israel-haters protested. People disagreed. They wondered how Trump could make such a political statement and be so one-sided. They question his ability to make peace in the Middle East. But was what he did so political? Why do so many protest the Jewish capital?

What About God and the Bible?

Did people forget about God and the Bible? God made Jerusalem the capital of Israel long before President Trump! Why are liberals denying God’s word? Why do they deny thousands of years of history, the Bible, God, archaeology, and everything else that points toward a Jewish Jerusalem? Are they against God’s political views regarding Israel and the Jewish people? Clearly, the Jewish people are God’s chosen people. And He gave the land of Israel to them. President Trump’s actions are really just supporting God’s word.

Pastor Greg Locke has got it right, and he is proud to say it. He supports Israel, the Jewish people, and the Jewish capital. He does not try to deny God and His word. AND he understands that Trump is not to commend or blame for naming Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Because as is obvious, God chose the Jewish capital!

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