“Son of Hamas” Stunned the World with This Bombshell Video

by Phil Schneider

A ceasefire in Gaza means to let Hamas exist and continue to rebuild their terror network. It means that Israel should stop their immense pressure in order to free Israel’s 240 hostages.

Israel should agree to a ceasefire when every one of the 240 hostages are freed. Until then, Israel should make it very clear that there are no negotiations. Let our children go free or be bombed to high heaven. It’s that simple. The “Son of Hamas” was not just an insider. He was born to one of the leaders of Hamas in the Land of Israel.

As opposed to everybody else who tries to understand the Hamas, he was one of them, as a child. He has no issues understanding their mentality. But today, nobody else has a valid excuse anymore. The mask has been removed and we now know exactly what Hamas is truly about. The Jew-haters are exposed. We need to, as Nikki Haley said, “finish them.”

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