Social Media Went On A Censorship Rampage A Day Before The Election

by Micha Gefen

Now famous Youtube personality and founding member of Vice News, Tim Pool shows how Facebook and Twitter are conspiring to influence the results of the 2020 election through active censorship and banning.

These social media giants are not only censoring tweets and posts, they are banning thousands of right leaning groups and that is before the election. Imagine what they will do after the election.

The fact is, we are entering a dark period of Orwellian proportions. If social media platforms are essentially preventing any public dissent how is that Democracy? Unfortunately, the right has been warning about censorship for years and no one stood up to big tech. In reality it is the sort of thing that sparks Civil Wars.

After all, if your voice is being silenced, how long can you take it? A Democracy is about a public discourse of ideas of how to run the country. But if one side is kept from engaging in that discourse, it essentially fascism dressed up as pretend Democracy.

So will the USA, the world’s greatest Democracy descend into some sort of neo-facist state? This may be the election that decides it.

Imagine a USA where only one voice is allowed; where only one type of view is tolerated.

It is called the Soviet Union and CCP run China. Soon it may be the USA or should we say USSA. We’ll found out soon.

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