President Trump Will Win Again

by Avi Abelow

Why do I predict President Trump to win re-election? And I never, ever predict elections, not in the USA, not Israel, nowhere. So, why now?

I’m looking at the excitement level. Never before has there been such a level of excitement for a Presidential election.

Actually, there has been, for Barack Obama.

However, there is one slight difference.

The excitement level for Obama was for his first Presidential run. Americans felt that they were ushering in a new historic chapter for America by voting for the first black President so the excitement level was high.

However, by his second Presidential run, there was less excitement. The “historic” aspect was accomplished, and people either loved him or hated him based on his record, but not as much excitement. He still won reelection because he had a high level of support, but it was not with the same excitement level.

With President Trump it is exactly the opposite. He had some level of excitement for his first run, but he was an unknown by many. He basically received support from his excited base and from those who hated Hillary. Now, however, the excitement level for him is sky high because people see what he has accomplished and a lot of American people are really excited to have him continue as President to stop the craziness of the American left. Yes, there is plenty of hatred for him as well, hatred that I believe is totally emotional and irrational. Regardless, the excitement level for him has grown tremendously since the first election.

I could be wrong, but based on the above I do think he will win, that’s if all those who support him go out and vote.

Sadly, regardless of election outcome, I fear for the unity and stability of the United States.

As I have stated before, if President Trump wins, the radical left will be unhinged with violence. Store owners are already boarding up their storefronts in anticipation of their violence. This will be dangerous for all Americans and especially the Jews, who will be hit by the violence from the radical left, and the crazies on the right. It looks like a bad situation. But he at least wants to stop the dangerous radical left, and antisemites from all sides, as well as continue to strengthen America.

If Biden wins, the radical left will then have access to political power, with a Biden/Harris administration allowing them to continue with their anarchy across the United States. This will be even worse, unleashing constant violence between the radical left and the crazies on the right. This also will horrible for all Americans, especially for the Jews.

I hope I’m right about my election prediction and wrong about my post-election predictions.

My final word is to pray. For an eventless US election, for an eventless post-election, pray for the United States of America, pray for Israel, pray for the freedom-loving world, and if you have not started planning, start making your aliyah plans. As I always say, I want people to come home for no other reason than to come home, but if things do get worse, then let that motivate you to come home.

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