Democrats already cry “foul play” and plan to delegitimize election if Trump wins

by Leah Rosenberg

The election is almost here. The Democrats are already planting the seeds for violence if Trump wins. This is very sad to see.

Polls for Election are Often Wrong

The polls leading up to an election have consistently been wrong, including in 2016. Yet if Trump wins, then the Democrats will obviously claim that there was “foul play” because they claim the polls must be right.

They cannot stand to think of the fact that Americans actually want President Trump for another four year. They cannot fathom the fact that he has accomplished so much in his presidency so far.

Planting the Seeds for Violence

The Democrats have already begun planting the seeds for violence if Trump wins. Voters now already think that there would be “foul play” if he were to win. And then they think they have a reason to act violently, although they never do. Voters already believe that the election might be illegitimate. But of course, not if Biden wins. Only if Trump wins. If Biden wins, everything must have been accurate.

Watching news like this is terrible.

Americans need to realize what they are watching and the lies that stem from the mainstream media.

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