So-Called “Palestinian” Refugees Are Praying You Don’t See This

by Leah Rosenberg

Does there have to be a refugee problem in Gaza right now? Why won’t Muslim countries take in refugees who want to leave?

Muslim Countries Don’t Want the Refugees

Some people might not want to say it out loud. And Muslim countries aren’t going to say this straight out. But they don’t want the so-called “Palestinian” refugees. They don’t want Gazans or any others fleeing to their countries. Muslim countries know history. They see what has happened in the past when those “refugees” are let in.

And so somehow, once again, Israel is to blame. For any problem in the fake “Palestinian” society, Israel is at fault. That is completely irrational, but the world goes along with that narrative. Anything they can say against Israel, they will say – even when it makes no sense.

And yet, the world won’t take in those fleeing Gaza. Why? Because they know that so many of those civilians are not innocent. The statistics prove it. Polls have been taken. And history has shown the truth. Although there may be some, there are not many “innocent” civilians in Gaza like the world claims there are. If they support Hamas and want all the Jewish people dead, they are terrorists themselves.

Countries have opened up their borders to Ukrainians running from war. But not to the Gazans. Do you wonder why? It’s obvious. Wake up and don’t ignore the truth. The facts are the facts, and it’s time that people started to admit what many of us already know. There is a reason countries are not allowing refugees from Gaza in.

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