Chanukah Returns To Gaza For The First Time In 18 Years

by Micha Gefen

Chanukah lights shined in Gaza for the first time in 18 years as the IDF celebrated Chanukah inside the Gaza Strip.

General Yaron Finkelman, who has come under a lot of heat since the beginning of the war lit the candles on the first night of Chanukah.

“This is a long, important, and difficult war, and this is a symbolic moment, lighting the Hanukkah candles,” the general told the soldiers.

He noted that “at this time when we are here in Jabalya, our families are singing and lighting candles, and rely on us and are proud of us.”

“You are the Maccabees of our day; you are the commanders who lead the soldiers, the Maccabees of our day, and we will continue onward to victory,” Finkelman concluded.

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