Sky News host exposes the sad truth about the Democratic leadership

by Phil Schneider

Nancy Pelosi, Chris Cuomo, Rober DeNiro, Joe Biden, Madonna, and so many others of the enlightened leadership of the Democratic Party and their supporters in the mainstream media, are the people who’s language has been excused by so many. But actually, the Democratic leadership today needs a major update. The Republican Party is obviously in a situation of major change with Donald Trump exiting the Oval Office. But the Democratic Party may be going way overboard to the radical left if they adopt policies that make the AOC and Bernie Sander wing of the party satisfied.

The United States of America has had two dominant parties for more than a century. The idea of a third party comes up every now and then, and it usually indeed makes a great impact – but for a limited time. Ross Perot entered the race in 1992 and basically helped pave the way for Bill Clinton’s victory. Of course, the economic downturn right before the elections did not help George H. Bush either. But Bill Clinton also understood well that in order to get elected and stay popular, he would have to harness the radical side of the Democratic Party from becoming too influential. He also got the message in 1994 when the Republicans swept into control of Congress. If a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris led United States venture too far off the middle, 2022 may be a big year for the Republicans, whether or not Donald Trump plays a central role in the Republican Party.

On the Republican side, they cannot simply dismiss the fact that Donald Trump brought in hundreds of thousands of new supporters who he excited in an unprecedented fashion. These are valuable supporters, not only rioters who attacked the Capitol. But the middle usually is the key to winning elections. Whoever runs for the Republican leadership in 2024 will have to do battle with whomever Donald Trump supports, and perhaps with Trump himself. It will be an interesting few years…

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