Terrorists just mocked the UN Human Rights Council to the entire world

by Leah Rosenberg

The UN Human Rights Council continues to prove that it is a joke. How can Iran, a tyrannical regime, condemn Australia, a free democracy?

The UN Human Rights Council

Does anyone take the UN Human Rights Council seriously? The fact that Iran, a terrorist regime who murders its own people, is condemning Australia, a free democracy, for human rights violations is absurd. Who can trust the UNHRC? They allow the world’s worst human rights abusers on their council.

Countries like Iran, China, and Cuba are part of this council. That says it all. You don’t even need to know anything else to know that you cannot take the UNHRC seriously.

Australia is obviously not the only country that has been targeted by barbaric regimes. Israel has been the center of constant and unfair scrutiny by some of the world’s worst governments. The more these tyrannical regimes are given a platform to spread lies, and the more that democratic countries are put down, the more the UN becomes one big joke.

Except no one is laughing.

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