Israel Remains On Edge As Escaped Terrorists Continue To Evade Security Forces

by Gavriel Dan

On September 6th, just before Rosh HaShanah, six deadly terrorists escaped from the Gilboa high security prison in northern Israel. A continuing investigation concluded that the terrorists must have had help on the inside.

What makes matters more troublesome is that Israel’s security forces have yet to catch the escapees who are said to be armed and dangerous. Over Rosh HaShanah, Arabs in Judea and Samaria celebrated the escape by deciding to launch atttacks on Israelis, including security forces.

To say the region is a tinderbox would be an understatement. With an inexperienced prime minister, the USA in decline, and a resurgent Taliban, Israel is once again becoming isolated right when it needs the opposite. Russia has put its foot down on the IAF attacking Syria as well.

With each day that goes by that the escapees remain free, Israel’s deterrence slips. Essentially six “palestinian” prisoners have brought the Bennett-Lapid government almost to their knees.

Dr. Risch

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