Four Escaped Terrorists Captured Over Shabbat- Hamas Fires Missiles

by Micha Gefen

Four the six escaped terrorists were apprehended Friday night in the northern Israeli towns of Nazareth and Shibli–Umm al-Ghanam.

The four were captured after knocking on a person’s front door to ask for food. After being turned down, the person alerted the authorities. Tracking units arrived and helped to apprehend the terrorists.

Two terrorists are still at large after the six escaped from a high security prison in northern Israel.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad Fire Back

Already by the end of the Sabbath, Hamas and Islamic Jihad started firing rockets at Israel’s South. Reports of incidents in Judea and Samaria and elsewhere also poured in. The terrorist leader promised a Jihad if these escapees were captured and it looks like they are beginning to follow through.

Bennett will have to show he is tough if the coalition will survive. However, Mansour Abbas, the leader of the Arab Ra’am party in the coalition may freeze any large scale retaliation. The test for the Bennett-Lapid coalition is on.

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