Sifting Through Thousands of Years of Jerusalem’s History to find the Truth

by Leah Rosenberg

Jerusalem’s History is rich. It is filled with the life and history of the Jews and other nations who encountered the Jewish people.

Sifting Through Jerusalem’s History

You might have learned about Jerusalem’s history in a book or through a documentary. But have you ever gone and experienced it? Have you ever literally touched Jerusalem’s past?

That is what Frankie Snyder as well as many other people do at the Temple Mount Sifting Project.

In 1999, Muslims illegally did renovations on the Temple Mount and disposed of 9,000 tons of dirt. But that dirt contained tons of archaeology. They tried to rid Jerusalem of its history, and the Temple Mount Sifting Project is bringing it all back. Its volunteers have searched through that dirt for objects from the past. Although some archaeological artifacts were destroyed when the Muslims bulldozed the area, archaeologists have still been able to uncover incredible truths from the past.

Anyone who wants to know the truth about history will support this type of work! The Muslims may try time and time again to destroy the history of Israel and the Jewish people, but they will not succeed. It is absolutely insane that more of the world hasn’t stood by Israel and its history yet and that they choose to defend the “Palestinian” lies instead. But at the end of the day, the truth will win. It always does.

So, the volunteers at the Temple Mount Sifting Project will keep digging through thousands of years of history and revealing the truth, despite what the world might say.


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