Unbelievable artifacts uncovered from times of King David and King Solomon

by Chaya Cikk

These unbelievable artifacts have been uncovered from the times of King David and King Solomon. This is unbelievably cool!! The Bible is yet again coming to life.


As a result of many volunteers at the Temple Mount Sifting Project, many different artifacts have been found from the time period of King David and King Solomon.

King David is known for fighting many wars, writing the Book of Psalms and much more. David was the father of Solomon. King Solomon, who is also known as Solomon the Wise, built the first Temple in Jerusalem.

What artifacts have been found? Shards of glass, pottery, vessels, metal, bones, mosaic stones and so much more. With thanks to carbon dating, we can date back these pieces to the time period they came from. What is even cooler is that some of these finds have inscriptions on them. Giving us further insight into the lives of the people that lived in during these times.

Temple Mount Sifting Project

The Temple Mount sifting project started out in 1999. When the Islamic Movement renovated the Temple Mount and moved 9000 tons of dirt. Archaeologists then moved in and started sifting through the dirt. Their aim was to sort through everything and try and find artifacts from history.

Additionally, the Project is open to anyone, including tourists to come and sort through the dirt to find a special piece of ancient history. So consider visiting the Sifting Project on your next trip to Israel.

The Bible is coming alive yet again. With all these pieces we can make a vase or a mosaic floor tile, it is truly amazing! Finally, with all these pieces that have been found, we can truly see how they used to live in Temple times. It is like walking back in time, stepping into history.

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