Lead singer of heavy metal band “Disturbed” stands up to BDS

by Leah Rosenberg

David Draiman, the lead singer of Disturbed, is Jewish. He not only is a Jew, but he is a Jew that defends Israel and stands up to antisemitism!

David Draiman and Disturbed

Disturbed is a popular heavy metal band. The lead singer, David Draiman, has spoken out against the BDS Movement and antisemitism. That would be amazing by itself, but the fact that so many stars and musicians choose to boycott Israel makes his open support that much more powerful. Draiman knows that Israel gets unfair treatment that no other country or society is subjected to.

This singer has even changed people’s minds by sharing the facts. Some people just do not know the truth about the Jewish people. The lies brainwashed them, and the Disturbed lead singer has been able to show some the truth.

Criticizing vs. Boycotting

There is a difference between criticizing Israel and boycotting Israel, and Draiman points out. He admits that he does not agree with everything the Israeli government does, as many Israelis also don’t. But that does not mean that they deserve to be boycotted. Draiman can criticize the government because it is a democracy! But the world does not just criticize the only Jewish state, they boycott it. There is probably no government or country in the world where people agree with every policy. But that does not mean we should boycott that country if they are a democracy.

So many do not understand that. They boycott for no reason, and it does not do anything positive for the Israelis or the Palestinian Arabs. More stars should follow David Draiman!

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