The problem when non-Jews define antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

Should non-Jews, especially people like Linda Sarsour and Marc Lamont Hill, define antisemitism? Why should they be telling Jews what’s antisemitic?

How to Define Antisemitism

Linda Sarsour, a complete antisemite herself, and Marc Lamont Hill, another antisemite, should not be the ones telling Jews what is antisemitic or not. The Jewish people can define antisemitism and their oppression. It is offensive and wrong for others to tell them that people like Ilhan Omar are not antisemitic.

If someone told a black person what racism is or a Muslim when someone is discriminating against them, they would be highly offended. Not only that, but it would make the news. Headlines would be raging about the disrespect. But for some reason, no one says a word when Marc Lamont Hill decides Ilhan Omar is not antisemitic, despite the fact that her words and actions prove otherwise. The world is silent when a terrorist-sympathizer like Linda Sarsour defines antisemitism.

That is Antisemitism Itself

When these two non-Jews defined antisemitism for the Jews, that was antisemitism in and of itself.

The Jewish people know what antisemitism is. They do not need others to define it. They have experienced it for centuries. So Marc and Linda – please do not tell the Jewish people how to define their own oppression. It is neither of your places to do such a disrespectful thing.

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