The World is Silent as Palestinian Arab Rioters Burn Effigy of Religious Jew

by Leah Rosenberg

These Palestinian Arab rioters are violent – they are not peaceful. They are just publicizing their hatred of Jews.

Palestinian Arab Rioters Burn Effigy of Orthodox Jew

Do you realize it yet? This is just what they do. This is part of their culture; part of what children growing up in many Palestinian Arab households are taught from a young age. Such hatred, such violence. It is people like these that the world somehow calls “peaceful” protesters. Peaceful? These Palestinian Arab rioters are anything but peaceful. Where is the EU? Where is the UN? Where are all the human rights activists of the world? Why does this not violate their standards?

Because when the attacks and threats are happening against the Jewish people, there is utter silence. When it is Israel that is being targeted, no one cares. In fact, they’ll even find a reason to blame Israel as Israel is being attacked. Rockets launched at Israel? Somehow, it’ll be Israel’s fault. Attacks in Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem, and anywhere else in Israel? The world will claim that the “Palestinians” are oppressed and that is why they fight back.

They are far from oppressed. The only ones who oppress them are their own leaders. There is no excuse for hatred and terrorism, and the world should stop giving one.

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