Short film reveals how political correctness is tearing the world apart

by Phil Schneider

Political correctness is a concept which is based on respect for opinions of others. However, it has spun out of control and become exactly the opposite of what is was intended to do. It has become a norm that is expected on college campuses and in all conversations among most young people. But in actuality, what it accomplished is that people feel completely shut up, and nobody is free anymore to express their opinions. Basically, the entire idea of a free marketplace of ideas has been replaced by a norm that shuts down people’s opinions because it may insult someone in some way, shape, or form.

Hypocrisy of Political Correctness

In truth, it is much worse than the above. Political Correctness is largely advanced by people with radical progressive agendas. There goal is to shut down as many people as possible who have opinions that are counter to their own. So, when they say that they promote political correctness, they actually are promoting the shutting of mouths.

We need to make sure that more than anything else, we do not allow the shutting of our mouths. Freedom of speech truly is the most important aspect of freedom in a truly democratic country. The only thing that may insure a country’s freedom more than the freedom of speech is the right to bear arms. And the two are connected. In a tyranny, one of the most common practices is the shutting of mouths and removal of weapons from anyone who is not in power.

Political correctness needs to be replaced by kindness, compassion, and caring. But, people should not be discouraged from speaking their minds. On the contrary, the more people freely express their opinions, the more that we will have real communication and the marketplace of ideas will be what it should be.

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