What the Palestinian Arab leadership does to those who side with Israel

by Chaya Cikk

What the Arab Leadership is doing to those who side with Israel is just awful. There are no words to describe this. There are clearly Palestinian Arabs who want peace but their leaders clearly do not.

Arab Leadership

Israel is a country that from day one has wanted nothing else but peace. Additionally, the only thing the citizens of Israel wish for all day, every day is peace. But it is so hard to create peace when the neighbors are opposed to the idea. Leaders of the Palestinian Authority and many surrounding countries want to wipe Israel from the map.

The Arab leadership drives hate into the minds of the Palestinian Arabs. They take money given to them as aid and use it to build or buy weapons, anything that will help to destroy Israel. It certainly seems that they will do anything to destroy Israel.

They will do anything they can to punish those who collaborate with Israel. Including, punishing their children. How can they make the children suffer when they have done nothing wrong? Imagine if we were punished for something our parents did. How can they deny a child basic medical care? Who or what you support should not matter. Doctor’s should only care about saving lives.

Side with Israel

Why are there many Palestinian Arabs siding with Israel? It is simple, the way Israel treats them. Yes, there are checkpoints throughout Israel but all citizens can walk around in the malls, attend universities and vote in elections and so much more. Life in Israel is so much better than in other places.

Finally, there should only be one side and that is the side for peace, not hate or war. When lying in a hospital it should definitely not matter which country you support or what your parents did.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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