Video leaked of Danish children being trained in Muslim prayer causes outrage

by Leah Rosenberg

This is just shocking. This video was not allowed to be recorded. But it was. Danish children being taught Muslim prayer. And to scream “Allahu Akbar.”

Muslim Prayer

Teaching children about different religions throughout the world is perfectly fine. But forcing children to perform a Muslim prayer while chanting “Allahu Akbar” is not fine. The video was taken in November 2018, although it just recently went viral. Apparently, it was not supposed to be recorded. Why was the principal so against it being recorded? Was he ashamed of something? Was he fearful that what was taking place in his school was wrong? Seemingly, yes.

Why is a Danish school teaching its children the religious ways of Islam? Did the parents even agree to this? There are many questions that remain.

What’s Next?

What’s next? What else are they going to teach these children about Islam and force them to do? Many feel that the school was indoctrinating the children. Why did they choose to do this? There are many other ways to teach about different religions and different belief systems.

Education for children is so important. Everything they learn matters and impacts them. Teachers and schools need to be especially careful about how they teach their children and what they teach them. And it seems that this Danish school was not careful about either of those things. What can we do to stop situations like these in the future? If we are not careful about our children, the next generation will lose all of its Western values.

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