Shapiro and McCain weigh in why Democratic candidates continue to turn Left

by Phil Schneider

Ben Shapiro and many others on the right side of the political spectrum see what should be obvious to so many Democrats. The Democratic party is veering way off the path of centrist liberalism. It is veering way off into the land of what was recently considered to be the radical Left. But how did this happen? There are two main reasons for this phenomenon – Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Two Transformational Presidents

Both President Clinton and President George W. Bush were not transformational Presidents. Yes, 9/11 occurred under the watch of President Bush. But he did not change the party or the country in a fundamental way. The world changed around the country he was President of. That forced him to create landmark doctrines. But the Republican Party did not undergo any major changes under his watch. The next two Presidential candidates from the Republican Party, McCain and Romney were not very different than Bush himself. They were essentially Republican insiders. But all of that changed with the nomination of Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination and then election for the Presidency. Obama made it clear that he did not want to be a status quo President. He was going to steer the country to the left – to the far-left. He did manage to do so in many ways over his 8 years as President. But he also managed to anger and energize an opposition on the right. This led to the ascendancy of another transformational President – Donald Trump. President Trump is basically the natural contra response to an Obama administration. But President Trump speaks in such coarse fashion, that he manages to anger nearly everybody – even when instituting reasonable policies. When he acts impulsively and institutes unreasonable policies, people on the left tend to lose total concept of realism, and speak of President Trump as the devil incarnate. This is of course a gross exaggeration at best.

The United States needs a return to reasonable politics. On the Republican side, things look better on the horizon. VP Pence, Nikki Haley, Pat Ryan, and others are all good potential Presidential candidates. But now, we are seeing the Democratic side competing to see who can sound more radically left on taxing the rich, providing health-care for everyone, and punishing President Trump. We need good old Democratic liberals like Harry S. Truman and John F. Kennedy and some reasonable Republicans that will get us out of the Washington gridlock we are now facing.

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