The Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to destroy America from within has already begun

by Phil Schneider

The Muslim Brotherhood is a major nuisance in the United States today. But if it is not contained, it will grow into a strategic threat that will make life in the United States into a living hell. This is something that people in Israel are all too familiar with. The same ideology that moves the radicals in Israel to use violence to change the status quo is what drives the radicals in America to build up cells in America that will serve as springboards for subversive activity.

Curb Immigration?

So what is the key to combatting the threat of radical Muslim minorities in the United States? Is it as simple as curbing immigration? No. But, without a question, that is one of the keys. Unbridled immigration has basically brought Europe to the point where they undoubtedly have a Muslim future. The demographics are simply stacked up against any other eventuality.

But the United States is in a different situation altogether. The focus should not be just on keeping more immigrants out. The focus needs to be on bringing as many of the non-radicalized Muslim community into the regular American mindset. Today, there is tremendous draw that many young Muslims feel towards the radical elements. Social Media is a strong draw for them. So the battle must be fought more than anywhere else on the smartphones of young Muslim teenagers – in Arabic too. When Jared Kushner goes to Bahrain and basically dangles billions of dollars around as the main incentive to draw in relatively moderate Arabs into the Pro-American orbit, he is making a very important PR move. Hopefully he will impact heavily on the younger generation of Arabs who will see that they have an enormous amount to lose if they do give up the “good life” for a life of terrorism.

Dr. Risch

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