Leftists say they value tolerance, but do they?

by Phil Schneider

Dave Rubin is the perfect person to explain what ridiculousness has now overtaken so much of the way that we now converse in the United States of America. He is a self-acclaimed gay liberal. However, he has been silenced in many ways because he does not follow so many of the norms of the leftist radicals that dominate the world’s discussions today. He is a classic open-minded liberal. That, today, is frowned upon by so many of the shamers and name-callers that dominate the airwaves today.

Good Old Liberals under Attack

Alan Dershowitz is another classic liberal who has come under attack. He now understands and very clearly states that the most dangerous attack on freedom and our way of life now comes from the radical left. Their is a major move to silence opinions that are not politically correct and that don’t fit in to the mindsets of the leftists of today. If a person is opposed to transgender marriages on religious grounds, the name calling will come immediately from the leftists. “Primitive, homophobic, etc…” The problem that the right-wing has today is that their leader is President Trump who descends to name-calling just like the radical Left. So, a reasonable young person who still has to choose with which side to align will naturally go with the more enlightened sounding side.

We need a restoration of normalcy. We need to have leaders that don’t draw fire from every pronouncement or tweet that they make. It is time that we have a situation wherein honest differences of opinion can be discussed respectfully and freely without name-calling. Perhaps we need a better name for name-callers that will get rid of this horrible habit in our political vernacular. We need to debate ideas, and not act like kindergarten children who scream bloody murder when they don’t get their way.

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