Senator Ted Cruz’s BRILLIANT speech at CUFI

by Phil Schneider

Senator Cruz is probably the best friend of the State of Israel in the Senate. He holds back nothing in his support of the State. When he speaks, it is not a question whether or not he supports Israel. It is 100% clear that he is in Israel’s corner and that Israel is in the corner of the United States. He gets what so few people understand. Support for Israel is basically something that everyone ought to accept as obvious. There is one reason to not support Israel – if one is an anti-semite.

Martin Luther King was one of the first to say that when people criticize Israel, they mean to criticize Jews. Yes, Israel should not be criticized – but praised for it’s unbelievable ability to withstand enormous pressure against it’s very existence.

President Trump has received enormous well-deserved praise from Senator Cruz. This shows alot about the integrity of Senator Cruz. Candidate Trump treated Senator Cruz horribly. But Senator Cruz has stayed focus on policies and has not repaid the President’s shameful behavior.

President Trump stood up against Iran and Senator Cruz praised him for it. There is much to learn from Senator Cruz.

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