See What Was Discovered in Jerusalem For the First Time

by Leah Rosenberg

The archaeology that has been discovered in Jerusalem throughout the years is truly remarkable. And now this? Amazing!

First Temple Ivories Discovered in Jerusalem

How cool is a discovery like this? When ivories are discovered in Jerusalem, you have to be in awe. Ivories are an uncommon archaeological find throughout the entire world in general, and this is the first time they were discovered in Israel’s capital city. It is truly a noteworthy discovery, as are many things that are unearthed in the holy city of Jerusalem.

It is unbelievable what can be done when archaeological objects are discovered. It is amazing how archaeologists can go into the past and imagine what the items were used for. Uncovering artifacts from even a few hundred years ago would be fascinating. But we are talking about something from first Temple times!

Discovering the past never gets old. Digging up the holy ground of Israel to find the truth is always exhilarating and meaningful.

During the time period that these ivories are from, Islam didn’t even exist yet – let alone “Palestinians.” Maybe the world should learn a little more about history and see all the archaeology. They can’t deny the truth. Look what this says about history; about the Jewish connection to the land of Israel. Why does the world ignore the truth and side with the “Palestinians?”

Israel’s ground doesn’t even ignore the truth! The dirt speaks for itself. Let’s keep digging for the truth – literally and metaphorically. What else will be found?

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