Extremely Rare First Temple Period Document Returned to Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s always fascinating learning about history. And especially when it’s history from the First Temple times!

First Temple Period Document

History is a fascinating thing. People learn about history but do not always feel connected to it. But when it comes to the history of the Jewish people, it is so real. It is so tangible. The discoveries that have been revealed throughout the years have truly shed light on the past. And those discoveries add to the truth of the story of the Jewish people. Finding documents from even a few hundred years ago would be amazing. But from First Temple times? That is just remarkable.

Discovering the past like this is exhilarating. There is always something new and exciting to uncover. Ancient buildings, pottery, coins, documents, and more have been unveiled over time. It is as if the people of the past left things behind for the future generations to find. And we have been digging and digging and revealing more and more.

Sometimes, even “regular” people discover ancient artificats. An 11-year-old Israeli girl one time discovered a rare 2,000 year old coin int he holy city of Jerusalem! The Jewish people are constantly making discoveries like this because of their long history in the land of Israel.

We must always learn about history and seek to uncover the truth. And when people tell us, the Jewish people, we do not belong here, we will continue to live here with even more passion. We will continue to reveal the truth to the world with even more eagerness.

Dr. Risch

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