Arabs Attack Jewish Drivers On Their Way To The Tomb Of Samuel

by Micha Gefen

Attacks against Jewish worshipers at the grave site of the prophet Samuel just outside of Jerusalem continue.

A few weeks ago, a near lynch took place at the holy site and Arabs that live near are constantly harassing Jews who want to reach the grave. The video above clearly shows Arab residents attacking Jewish cars with rocks, chairs, and other implements. While the police have begin to crack down, the reaction has been more or less containment.

There has been an uptick in Arab attacks over the last 2 months, with many security professionals claiming another Intifada has begun.

From stonings to shooting, both “palestinian” arabs and Israeli arabs have showed no fear in attacking Jews wherever they are. Unfortunately, instead of cracking down on the Israeli arabs, the security forces have been slow to a more proactive response.

Dr. Risch

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